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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find the frequently asked questions relating to buying, selling or living in a Park Home below.
If you can’t find an answer to your question please ask away in the forums or contact us.

How often can my Ground Rent be reviewed?

Your Park Owner can only review your ground rent once per year.

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Where can I find the latest RPI & CPI figures?

You can find both the latest RPI (Retail Price Index) & CPI (Consumer Price Index) right here in our website.

View RPI & CPI figures


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Are children allowed on the Park?

This will be outlined in the Park Rules.

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What is the difference between buying a Pitch / Plot or a New Park Home?

A New Park Home will either be already sited, or will have been purchased to be sited in the near future.

A pitch / plot usually allows for the buyer to choose the home they would like sited (this may be slightly restricted by the Park Rules), allowing as custom amendments to be made to the home prior to delivery.

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How long is the lease on the pitch / plot?

This will differ by Park and will be outlined in the documentation you receive prior to the purchase.

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Can i stay permanently on a Holiday / Leisure Park?

No, each Holiday / Leisure Park will have a licence outlining the usage of these Park Homes, you are required to have a primary residential address elsewhere.

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Can I stay permanently on a Residential Park?

Yes, in a Residential Park Home you are required to have it registered as your main or only residence.

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What Council Tax band applies to Park Homes?

Usually Council Tax Band A applies to Park Homes, however please check with the local authority to check this is the case.

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Are there any on-going fees?

Yes, you will be required to pay a pitch fee which contributes towards the upkeep of the Park.

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Are there any rules to be considered?

Yes, each park will have its own set of rules.
You will be given a set of the rules with the Written Statement.

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If I buy my Park Home direct from the park owner will I be given a written agreement?


The Park owner is required by law to provide you with a Written Agreement within 28 days before you are committed to buying a Park Home.
The Written Agreement outlines the rights and responsibilities of the home owner and park owner.

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Are some of the Parks age restricted?

Yes, some of the Parks target specific age groups.

Please check with the Park.

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Can I keep pets in my Park Home?

Each Park is different regarding pets, this will be outlined in the Park rules.

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Who is responsible for maintaining the pitch / plot?

The home owner is responsible for maintaining everything within the pitch / plot, including any boundary rules or fencing.

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Who is responsible for maintaining the Park?

The Park owner is responsible for the infrastructure and common areas of the Park.

Common areas include paths and roads.

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Do I have to pay Stamp Duty when purchasing a Park Home?

No. You are not required to pay Stamp Duty on a Park Home.

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Do I have any protection when buying a Park Home?

Yes! The Mobile Home Act 2013 covers everything to do with buying, selling living in a Park Home. You can view the agreement online at the .Gov website here.

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